We'll grow together. We make strategic investments for shared success. That means we’re committed to building companies, continually investing, and creating growth together – not just writing a check (and then checking out). As an evergreen entity, Meriton provides capital that allows commercial HVAC companies to transition ownership and accelerate mutual long-term growth without arbitrary timetables imposed by third parties. You can trust that we’re in it for the long haul, because we’re not motivated by management fees… we’re here to build something that lasts.
More than just capital… post-investment support.
As one of the primary benefits of joining the Meriton portfolio, our collection of post-investment resources will streamline business processes and give you access to a network of teams with extensive industry experience. We understand the perils of a crowded market, and Meriton has invested heavily in customized software, information technology, finance and accounting, marketing, leadership development, and human resources to give our portfolio companies an advantage against the competition.
The Teams That Make It Possible